Flesh and Blood: Everfest First Edition Case *With Playmat

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    4x Booster Boxes of the NEW Everfest First Edition set with an exclusive Card Merchant commissioned playmat - Carnival Style!

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    Everfest is a supplementary booster set, designed to expand constructed play with new cards for every hero in the game.

    • 198 card set (1 Fabled, 3 Legendary, 45 Majestic, 61 Rares, 88 Commons)
    • 10 cards per pack, 24 packs per display, 4 displays per case.
    • Designed to expand constructed play.
    • Contains new cards for every hero in the game.
    • Contains cold foils.
    • Industry first fully recyclable paper booster wrappers

    - $550.00

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